How to replace the strap of the smart Sports Watch

- Apr 26, 2019-

In this fast-paced life, sports has become a way for many people to relax and keep fit. As one of the sports necessities, smart sports watch not only plays the role of counting the amount of exercise, but also undertakes the important task of dressing up oneself. Whether the watch strap looks good or not determines a big factor, so how can we replace the smart sports watch with a good watch strap? The following TVG smart watch manufacturer will explain to you.

If we want to change the watch strap, we should first prepare our favorite watch strap. Friends without the smart sports watch strap can buy smart sports watches. Generally, the watch strap that can be disassembled will have corresponding watch strap. Users can choose their favorite watch strap as a replacement preparation.

How to disassemble the strap correctly after having the strap? Simply, we use one finger to hold the surface of the watch, then pull the straps on both sides, press down slightly to separate the dial and the strap, measure the dial from the strap, and the installation is the same. Install the dial from the inside of the strap.

After completing the above steps, the replacement of the strap is over. The following is to check whether the strap is available. After all, it is not the original product. After installation, it is necessary to test whether the dial will fall off. Hold the dial up and down with both hands, and turn left and right with the other hand holding the strap. See if the shaking range is small, you can wear it directly, such as the shaking range is large. Explain that the strap does not meet the standard, we need to find a retailer to replace the strap.