how to put oil on the watches

- Nov 01, 2017-

1.Watch the winding how to oil: first copy paper with a fold, and then dip some special hair oil wipe, making the surface of the oil stained with oil, then the liner into the watch; if the amount of oil, but also in the winding The top of the stack is dropped one or two drops of oil, and then the fat is added. the shaft how to oil: the first shaft into the barrel wheel, cover the lid, and then in the upper and lower friction with the main splint, the plywood shaft hole friction were refueling. Watch the axis of the general use of D5 oil.

3.How to refuel the center wheel parts of the watch: the center wheel is refueled, usually before the center wheel is installed, the lubricating oil is applied to both ends of the shaft. This method prevents the oil from flowing into the hollow shaft when installed. Before the wheel, a small amount of oil should be added to the shaft groove. Here generally 8200 oil.

4.Transmission wheel shaft shaft how to refuel: In addition to the second wheel center device of the long and second shaft, the other three rounds, escape wheel and the second wheel shaft shaft shaft to add 9030 oil.

5.shock bearing how to refuel: shock bearing oil, in the care drill, or up and down the shock bowl can be fueled, add 9030 of oil, in addition, it should be noted that the other parts of the pendulum shaft should not be oil