how to pull out the crown when you want to open the movement of quartz watches

- Oct 16, 2017-

Open the back cover of the quartz watch, carefully observe the table axis (table) inserted into the movement of the site (next to the table axis), there is a surface with a pit, you can press down the small parts, some table is in a small Hole (bottom), with trumpet hand twist (or needle) under pressure on this machine, while pulling the table outside, you can pull out.


Look carefully at the side of the table to see a small piece of a small round hole above the thing with a needle or sharp things to press down, do not have too hard at the same time out of the table to pull out the head, the movement and dial Can win it.


Open the back cover, in the side of the table there is a small gap, the gap has a pressure under the small reed, small reed end with small pits, with a big head tip at the pit under pressure, while pulling out the table.