How to process the case

- Oct 23, 2017-

Case processing

A case of the processing process in three parts:

  1 Machining, that is, cutting, cutting, including, car, milling, drilling and CNC machining technology, the accuracy is relatively high.

  2 mill processing, the mill is mainly used to process the appearance, grinding is the core technology of high-end table. Requiring experience.

  3 is the last one is the packaging, the main is the assembly, playing glass, ring mouth, bar, press, the focus is to do waterproof effect.

Lathe: The car is a cutting method. The tool does not move, put the workpiece spindle rotation. Round shell with more, the shell sometimes use a special fixture, can also be done with lathe processing. Now with CNC processing, in the watch industry with the following lathes, lathe Aberdeen (completely controlled by the hand), oil machine (widely used), CNC lathes (belonging to precision machinery) must be checked before cutting to the embryo is OK , The amount is not enough, there is no eccentric, goose eggs. Ask the problem as soon as possible at the source. When the source found the problem, some problems can be solved.

Coarse: round shells are generally rough embryo and fine embryo, here depends on the production company's receipt criteria to determine the process flow, the general is to see whether there is no eccentric situation, no eccentric can support the master bit (to the embryo of the glass bit or open Face) first open coarser hole, and then in turn open rough face and face flat. If there is eccentricity with the four cable head cable large body position, first car open face, and then car division hole.

There are a face of mouth, (waterproof table "O" order, "O" to the pit, the mouth, the mouth, the mouth of the mouth, And the glass bit "I" makes the pit request quasi). In order to facilitate the subsequent processing, ear ears must pay attention to the ear to the young, often try grinding.

Square shell and shaped shell: This type of case is mainly used engraving machine, copy machine, computer gong, CNC for processing. With the generalization of CNC technology in the past two years, there are many companies do high-end goods have CNC.

Drilling machine: the most important thing is to do Pakistan hole, press the hole, ear hole, piercing the ear hole, the technical point lies in the size of the hole, height control,


Grinding is the most important process of case processing. A brand of watches, not only need a successful design, but also experienced grinding technology. No customer will ask the salesperson, open the table, break the entire table to check. The most direct factor affecting them is the appearance, that is, the design effect and the grinding effect.

Different materials in the grinding method and process have a certain difference. A case of his processing technology are from: coarse grinding - grinding - polishing (sanding or sanding), the other grinding with more materials, but also more complex. Need some technology and methods to complete.

Coarse grinding: that is, the shell above the embryo pattern and other parts of the department after processing to wear. Coarse is the most important part of the open quality of good or bad, the goods and the back of the process has a large impact. All the mill mill, grinding and polishing are the same, the main difference is that in the open this part of the rough. Open in most factories are using Ma wheel and light machine open, in fact, there are many open tools and methods can be used. Some of the mill's mats are up to twenty dollars a day, but they can grind the quality of the watch-level, because the companies do a lot of grinding jigs rather than simply by the staff's gestures and experience. Rough grinding requirements: to ensure that the lines are obvious, shape and size to control, can not be tired, to be polished.

Refined: the workpiece is polished. Grinding is generally carried out on the motor, the equipment is relatively simple, there is no fixture, this process is mainly by the staff of the gestures and experience. If the rent is good, then grinding this side is easier to do, the effect is better, not easy to wear, you can keep the line sense.

To play sand or polished: some of the factory to fight the sand shell, is the first sand and then hit the sand, and some are first marked with coarse sand, and then use a little fine abrasive, re-playing sand. These two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Sand is divided into straight sand, round sand, and sun sand. Playing sand can also do fixture, I have seen a machine to automatically hit the sun sand. There is nothing to polish, and most of the plants are the same, no different. There is also a sandblasting, some polished place is made of sandblasting.