How to prevent stainless steel watch from rusting

- Mar 16, 2019-

In metal watches, the most common is stainless steel, although called "stainless steel", but in fact is not really not rusty everyone has a number of hearts. In general, stainless steel will not rust. But if the stainless steel is used or maintained improperly, or the environment is too harsh, stainless steel may appear rust phenomenon. When we see yellow or orange rust spots on the surface of steel, we can quickly confirm that they are signs of rust.

Why does stainless steel rust? In addition to iron, stainless steel also contains its metal components such as chromium, nickel, titanium and so on. Chromium and nickel elements have anti-rust function. They form a passive film to prevent stainless steel from rusting. Generally speaking, stainless steel will not rust as long as the film is not damaged, cracked or contaminated by impurities. In life, there are some bad habits that can damage the protective film and make your stainless steel watch rust quietly.

I. No Maintenance after Sports with Jinggang Watches

When we talk about exercise, we will associate sweating, especially in summer. The sweat discharged by human body contains hydrochloric acid. The watch is worn on the hand. If it is eroded by sweat for a long time or allowed to accumulate acid, alkali and salt dirt without erasing it, the surface will gradually appear rust spots, especially in the lower part of the back cover.

Therefore, after exercise, watch maintenance should be paid attention to, often wipe off the dust deposits on the case, sweat and so on. In addition, we should try our best to avoid wearing watches in strong acid, alkali and other occasions, so that all steel case will not appear rust spots.

2. Didn't take off your watch in the bath

Watches soaked in sweat can only be a rust stain on the watch case and strap, but if you don't take off your watch when you regularly take a bath, it will cause the watch to enter the water, even if it will not affect the use of the watch for the time being. Over the years, the core of the watch is being damaged silently.

In general, if there is a small amount of water in the table, the human eye can not observe it. Although the watch is sealed, there are also very fine holes in the joint of the cover and the case. When washing hands, washing clothes or encountering rainy days, water vapor can be soaked into the case from these holes. Watch movement is mostly made of metal, water contact with it will react slowly, leading to rust, affecting the normal use of watches.

Watch rusting is a very bad experience. In order to avoid this kind of thing, cousins are advised to try to eliminate the two bad habits mentioned above. Watches will stay with you for as long as you take good care of them.