How to polishing watch case

- Oct 23, 2017-

As the surface of the process, there are basically two kinds: polished and sand, or both, grinding watch watch on the scratches, but also in accordance with the original process to do, a large area of hair Class wear, more easy to handle; but if there is a deeper hard scratches, it is necessary to trouble some, because whether it is polished or pull sand approach, are not enough to wear such scratches.

Case polishing materials are: yellow wax, white wax, purple wax, wire wheel, nylon wheel, belt, grass wheel, sponge wheel, wind wheel and so on. After grinding and polishing, the case is very bright.


Case or strap on the local depth of scratches, to focus on the local first use of stone to do grinding. This need to be carried out under the magnifying glass, the purpose is to scratches evenly polished, when the scratches are basically polished, select the appropriate size of the sandpaper, along the original pull sand lines to wear, usually the lines are dial As the center was radial, so this is a fine work, to a little bit to the effect of grinding out will be good, only realistic. Recommended sandpaper selection of the kind of jewelry industry, it is best to import, such as the German Warrior brand water sandpaper.

Hand tools are also pay attention to the proposed use of surgical hemostats, only take a small piece of sandpaper, after folding with a hemostatic clamp clamp, parallel to the original lines do pull sand, sapphire glass is relatively hard, you can not consider it, but watch The shell is stainless steel, the operation must pay attention to, if necessary, can cover it with adhesive tape

Technical aspects, is sure to all the sand lines have to go all the way, and are both from the center of the dial, and was radial.

For the sand and polishing process of the case and the strap, when the dressing should be done when the first sanding sanding, and then do polishing, but the need to have a good repair of the sand parts to cover, simple You can use adhesive tape, some of the regular to do the metal template, and the same for the cover when polished.

Own sandpaper to the case with the above table scratches the dressing is not difficult, as long as the careful hand can do a good job, but for the surface is polished process, you must use cloth wheel polishing machine, and recommended to send professional watches Maintenance base