How to pick watches with different occasions

- Sep 21, 2017-

Watches, not just the necessity of daily,it is the identity of people usually, the embodiment of vision, a symbol. So we must know how to wear watches.

>1.How to pick a daily watches?

Stainless steel is relatively neutral material. In addition, the good leather watches is also suitable for male and female.

leather strap watches.jpg

>2.How to choose the watches wear in formal occasions?

---The best choice is metal material, not too much blingbling flash blind things.

---The diameter of the dial can not exceed 41mm (the provisions of the gentleman's lap)

---To meet with other accessories. For example, you wear a large gold watches, do not wear jade ring.

>3.When selecting sports watch?

Generally speaking, sports watches, are those who have additional features of the watch. Such as diving watches, racing watches, flying watches, the military with a variety of tables, etc., to consider the actual needs, such as is not the need for time, the need to measure the depth of the compass to identify the direction of the need.

sport watches.jpg

>4.How to choose Quartz watch or mechanical watch?

Quartz watches are more like fast items, mechanical watches are more like collectibles. If you often need to attend more different occasions, then choose quartz watch, if you look more prestigious and mature,mechanical watches is suitable for you.

stainless steel watch bands.jpg