How to pay attention to the details of the watch

- May 10, 2019-

details make a difference. This is what many people believe in life, and at work. When doing watch production and processing, it is also necessary to start from every detail. Only by doing all the aspects can we better serve the consumers. From this point of view, the Shenzhen Watch Factory is doing a good job.

From the details of the appearance of the watch, you can see the pros and cons of the watch. When the watch factory in Shenzhen is surface-treated, it is usually polished by whole or matte, which is a common method. If you want to receive a more ideal visual effect, then the special processing of the surface of different parts, naturally the difficulty is increased a lot, but the details are done, more to meet the needs of users, and This little detail has also increased the value of the watch.

Then look at the movement of the watch, this is a start engine of the watch, the quality is good or bad, which directly affects the use time of the watch. At present, ETA movement is the movement that most watches use. However, some Shenzhen watch factories pay more attention to the research and development of products, so that some unique and more unique watch movements are not only better quality, but also It also reflects the strength of the watch brand itself. The ETA movement is a relatively high-grade movement, and the movements produced by the watch manufacturers themselves are quite good. Where these details are to be done better, if you want to ensure that the clocks are more accurate, then you must be economical in polishing and decoration, but at the same time, you must pay attention to the value of aesthetics. The details are done well, although it is not superficial on the surface, but it is more outstanding, I believe it will win more consumers.