How to open the back cover of the watch

- Nov 21, 2017-

1. Thread connection. The watch's watchcase and case are threaded connections between the obvious logo is the edge of the cover has a notch or polygon of the circle.

2. Snap connection. This watch is covered with convex and concave structure between the table cover and buckle, this watch has a flange at the edge of the table, there is nothing.

3. Screw connection. The watch's watchcase and the case is connected with a few screws, the table cover the edge of the hole, the screw through the table cover fixed on the case.


1, with a special open form tools, spiral waterproof watch. Its case shell and the back cover have threads, relying on the role of the thread so that the upper shell and the back cover tightly screwed together. Table glass is rolled into the tool, more stringent. The upper handle and the back cover and the upper casing screwed place are placed waterproof gasket (mostly made of nitrile rubber), it can play a certain role in waterproofing.

2, universal opening device can open a variety of different sizes of watches, different patterns of watch back cover. Each of its buckle can be converted angle, and can adjust the handle and adjust the distance between the dial. Universal open the table with a few different shapes of the rolling deduction, according to a variety of watches back cover four convex pattern to be replaced.


3, There are many ways to open and close the back cover of the watch, but the back cover and the pressure back cover are the most, followed by a few screws to tighten the back cover, as long as we pressure the back cover of this watch, as long as we Through some basic tools can be opened, restore it as long as it can be pressed, which in the demolition of the most simple.

4, if possible, should also be possible to use the professional open-table tools, there is a roughly similar to the vise open the watch, as long as the child wrist watch holder, open the mouth of the knife at the watch open the back cover open Mouth, as long as a good grasp of the good job is very easy to open the back cover of the watch.

5, open with your fingers. Pressurized waterproof watch. Its case shell is pressed against the bottom cover. This watch case back cover shape is rather special: surrounded by a high wall, the movement installed in the back cover of the wall inside, the table glass mounted directly on the back cover wall above the upper shell after the pressure into , The watch glass and the back cover are tightly nested, which play a sealing waterproof role