How to maximize the number of effective customers at the exhibition?

- Mar 21, 2019-

I believe this title will attract many friends to open, because this is what everyone wants to know!

In the early years, product publicity, exhibition is a very effective way. Whether it is a professional watch exhibition or a gift exhibition, as long as your product has a little characteristics, it will attract many customers, because there are many visitors to the exhibition, but as people become lazier and lazier, things that can be solved in the company or at home will never go out, and then there are all kinds of platforms, the difficulties and disasters of the mall. With the development of the Internet, it's too easy to find products, not to mention customers. When we want to find accessories, we won't easily go to the exhibition.

Faced with Liao Liao's few guests, how can we grasp them? Now let's talk about them by Xiaobian.

1. First of all, the products to be exhibited must have new products. If you are still the products that are reissued every day on the Internet, it will be meaningless. This will make your old customers lose confidence in you. So we must prepare some new models.

2. The salesman requests that the salesman must know the product very well and how to receive customers. If he does not know the business of the product, he can attract customers even if he is beautiful. If he is average, he can really stay in the office and make inquiries in front of the computer. Because the customers are long-term, many of them come to the exhibition from different countries, hoping to find their favorite. Products and qualified suppliers.

3. If you go to more than three businesses, you must get one business to send out leaflets and draw the guests to the booth, so that you can catch more customers.

4. The salesman must take good notes, collect the business cards of the guests, and fix them on the notebook, write down the needs of the guests in detail on the notebook, so as to facilitate the follow-up after coming back.

5. After returning to the company, the salesman must pass through all the customers in two or three days. The quotation for the quotation will be issued. If the sample is sent, if the customer is not contacted as soon as possible, it will probably be robbed by the colleagues.

6. Prepare some small gifts for the customers, and prepare some snacks to entertain the guests, which will make the guests more cordial, conditional can be printed on the gifts of their company's information oh!