How to maintenance of the crocodile belt

- Sep 05, 2017-

Alligator elongated shape, thick hard surface covered with scales, particularly fine particles closely. And the rugged, in the organizational structure, the abdomen and the back of the ridge, the body side of the larger difference between the abdomen scales are mostly square, relatively flat, soft, white, and the back of the bulk of the bulge as large as the broad bean scales , The scales have a lot of pigment, the scales have strong choked bone as a support. Crocodile skin and the back of the leather value of the difference between the larger, so often the back and abdomen from the body side to separate, according to different requirements for some special treatment.

watch straps leather.jpg

Whether it is crocodile skin leather or its grain structure characteristics are determined crocodile leather leather technology is different from other types of leather technology, for the characteristics of crocodile skin, we mainly from the lower crocodile skin wear, gray alkali scales, bleaching , Tanning a few technical key to the process design.

In general, the maintenance of the watch belt with 3S principle, the so-called 3S principle refers to the use of skin (Skin) compatible lotion, soft (soft) wet cloth, fast (Soon) natural dry. Usually should try to avoid contact with the watch strap and water, accidentally wet, then, should be so dry and then put on to avoid smelly; sleep is best to put the strap in a ventilated place, so that cortical cells open Breathing; winter strap hardening degree is large, easy to have curved shape appears, then do not fold, so as not to hurt the cortex. In addition to the dust on the strap, you can use a clean cloth stained with a little water after wiping in the ventilation can be naturally dry.


If the belt worn for a long time, sweat smell very heavy, then you can use a small brush with a little soapy water, quickly dirty place to wash clean, and then quickly rinse with water, and then dry cloth dry, and finally coated with some leather Oil (skin sensitive, the proposed back do not use any oil), the entire cleaning process is best completed in 10 to 20 seconds to avoid the infiltration of soap and affect the cortex.