how to maintain wrist watches by wearing watches in summer

- Mar 19, 2019-

With the Spring Festival gradually away, summer is approaching step by step. This is what many cousins have to face every year - how to maintain their love watch in summer. In summer, because of the high temperature, the human body is prone to sweating, which will lead to the appearance damage such as watch rust. Today, Xiaobian takes you to re-learn the summer common sense of wrist watch maintenance before summer comes.

Summer watch maintenance knowledge

Summer climate is hot and humid, people often sweat in hot days, watches may leave green or black marks on the wrist when they encounter sweat. Because of the different acid-base values in sweat, the degree of erosion to clocks and watches is also different. Therefore, the active maintenance of love watch in peacetime is an important issue worthy of concern for love watch personages. Generally speaking, male consumers pay more attention to the maintenance of clocks and watches than females. In addition to sweating and active, males also have more ideas about machinery.

The reason why the watches turn green when sweat occurs is that the watchmakers adopt gold-coated copper metal plating with easy gold plating and beautiful color. However, if the gold plating technology is not handled properly, the oxidation of the watches will occur. Stainless steel plating is now widely used in gold plating of watches and clocks, so this situation has rarely been found. Therefore, it is recommended that stainless steel or K-gold material should be purchased. As for the problem of wrist darkening when wearing watches, it is directly related to poor air quality and long-term dust sticking on the watches. In this case, it is best to give professional watch shop cleaning, wearing watches on weekdays should also pay attention to the cleaning of watches.

Summer hot and humid climate, so that baptized watches, it is easy to lose the original luster or damage the life of machinery, mechanical watches known for accurate timing is no exception. Although wearing metal chain watches in hot season can be said to be the basic knowledge of wearing wrist watches, how to maintain the chain watches and make them permanent as new is a part that consumers often neglect. Buying watches is like buying a car. In addition to paying attention to quality and performance, we also need to understand the common sense of maintenance, so as to ensure the service life of love watches.

Summary: Whether it's a steel watch chain or a leather watch strap watch, pay attention to changing and wiping the wrist sweat when wearing it in summer. This is a vital maintenance habit for watches, otherwise, over time, your watch will