How to maintain waterproof watches

- May 10, 2019-

Nowadays, all kinds of watches are available, and users can choose according to their own needs. The watch factory is constantly researching the needs of users and constantly creating more satisfactory products for us. Waterproof watch is an ideal waterproof product, but the waterproofing mentioned here is not absolute. Therefore, in daily use, it is necessary to do maintenance work, especially for the maintenance of waterproofing. Be sure to pay special attention to it. All right.

The waterproof waterproof watch has different depth. Take the watch with water resistance of 30 meters or more. Although the waterproof depth is relatively large, try not to take the watch to swim in the swimming pool, and try to avoid or reduce the water. Or other liquids come into contact. The professional staff of the watch factory reminded that the reason why the waterproof watch can be waterproof is because the watch case and the watch have a waterproof rubber pad in these parts to function. However, if it is used in a place such as a sauna room, or when these parts come into contact with corrosive liquids, corrosion or aging may occur, so that it is not only likely to cause waterproof failure, but also may shorten the use time of the watch, etc. .

In addition, if the waterproof watch is the one that needs to be wound up every day, the time will be long, and many parts will wear out. In the case of cold or heat, there will be a gap between the surface and the case. The back cover is also corroded due to sweating, etc., which reduces or directly destroys the waterproof effect. The watch factory hopes that when the user is in use, the occasion is special, so do not wear it, but put it in a safe place to reduce the damage of the hand waterproof layer.