How to maintain the appearance of electronic watches.

- May 20, 2019-

You should know that watch as a high-precision timing instrument and artistic ornaments, its maintenance and maintenance is crucial. Besides the internal maintenance, the maintenance of its external parts can not be ignored. It can prolong the service life and precision of watch, as well as the beauty of its external parts. It can make it more convenient for your work and life, but for the maintenance of the external parts of electronic watches. Many people do not understand, today LongKemei Waterproof Watch Manufacturer Professionals to explain how to maintain the appearance of electronic watches.

Maintenance of appearance parts of electronic watches:

(1) Surface Mirror: The surface mirror of a watch can be basically divided into synthetic crystal gel, mineral glass and sapphire crystal glass. The wear resistance of synthetic crystal glue is slightly poor, scratch prone, but impact resistance is strong; the wear degree of sapphire crystal glass, but the material is brittle and afraid of violent impact; mineral glass is between the two. Even wear-resistant sapphire crystal glass should pay attention to the impurities contained in diamonds, grindstones, sandpaper, nail files, mesh stone surface, concrete wall surface, etc., in order to avoid scratching its surface.

(2) Watch case and strap: Watch case and strap are made of many kinds of materials, such as tungsten-titanium alloy, high-tech ceramics, stainless steel, soft fibers, ordinary steel, etc. When wearing, try to avoid friction and collision with the body with the same hardness or hardness. Regular cleaning of watchcase bracelet is also necessary. Besides, seawater, brine bath, perfume, shampoo, nail polish, nail polish remover, and some cosmetics containing chemical substances have certain corrosion on the gold-plated layer and metal surface of watches and should avoid contact.

Many people only pay attention to the internal maintenance of electronic watches and ignore the external, so many people's watches do not look very good after using for a period of time, you can according to the above content for their watch to do a maintenance of appearance parts!