How to Maintain Stainless Steel Belt Watch

- Mar 21, 2019-

1. What if there are scratches? In the brilliant light, it is a favorite of many fans to show a touching, smooth refining belt. However, because of this arrogant character, as long as there is a scratch on the watch, the whole watch appears to be discolored a lot. What if there are scratches? You can buy "K gold wipe cloth" (or magic cloth) from the watch shop and wipe it by yourself. If the scratches are not deep enough, they can be removed. Or you can wait for regular maintenance to be cleaned up by the repairman once again, but if the watch is seriously injured, it must be handled by the master.

2. Tape refining watches have been worn for a long time. Sludge accumulated at the joints of the surface joints or on the surface of the tape, which is made up of sweat and dirt, will give off a foul odor. When this happens, you can dip a soft toothbrush with some toothpaste or detergent to brush the strap and seam, then rinse it with water, wipe it with flannel cloth and blow it dry with a hair dryer. In addition, K gold watch will change color due to oxidation after wearing for a long time. In addition to being handled by the master, it can also be wiped with toothpowder. The effect will surely satisfy you. As for jewelry watches, consumers should pay attention to whether diamonds are loose or not. You can also use toothbrush and salad to clean the dirty parts of diamonds. Soaking in jewelry medicine is also a good way.

Customization of Stainless Steel Watches

A. In the cleaning process, no matter how careful, there will still be seepage. If the watch body is let into the water because of cleaning the strap, it will not be worth it. Or let the love Watch Committee be sorted out by the master.

B. Metal straps are easy to rust if they are wet (water, sweat stains, etc.) and untreated. Metal rust or dirt easily leaks out from the seams to dirty clothes and even causes skin allergies. So after removing the watch or washing with water, please remember to dry the seams with cloth and put them on again. In addition, the diving table can be washed with clean water after landing, but the use of chemicals can easily cause damage.

Because of its soft material, the refining belt made of C.K gold is easy to scratch when it is impacted or improperly touched. In addition, traffic exhaust gas, chlorine gas in swimming pool or sweat in human body will make the gold watch discolored. Keep the strap dry while carefully wearing and placing. Titanium or high-tech ceramics watches, which boast high hardness, should also pay attention to avoid collision or falling. Hardness does not mean indestructibility after all.