How to Maintain Gold-plated Watches

- Apr 11, 2019-

The gold-plated layer on gold-plated watches is mostly 14K gold, which contains not only 58.5% pure gold, but also a certain amount of silver. When silver reacts with some volatile industrial exhaust gases in the air, a black silver sulfide film will be formed on the surface, thus losing the golden gloss of gold-plated watches. Therefore, gold-plated watches should avoid contact with chemical substances and waste gases, such as gas, liquefied gas and sulfur soap, and keep gold-plated watches dry and clean. It's better to wipe it once a week with a velvet cloth. In addition, chloride in sweat is very corrosive to gold-plated watches. When gold-plated watches are wetted with sweat, they should be cleaned in time so as not to lose their original luster due to sweat erosion.

The yellow coating of yellow-plated watch is a metal film composed of copper, zinc and aluminium alloy. It is easy to fade and lose luster if it is not maintained well. Before wearing a yellow plated watch, wipe the watch case with a clean soft cloth and evenly apply a layer of colorless nail polish. After drying, wear it again, then apply it 1 times every 1~2 months. After such treatment, not only can the color and luster of the yellow-plated watch be maintained without wear and tear, but also can increase its external brightness. At the same time, sweat and moisture can be prevented from intruding into the watch in hot summer.

How to Use and Maintain Gold-plated Watchband

If the gold-plated watch strap is not carefully maintained, the watch strap will fade quickly, and some even the whole one will change color, which is very ugly.

The gold-plated layer of domestic gold-plated watchband is generally only 0.0003 mm. So, how to protect the thin gold plating?

1. In summer, you should wipe away the corrosive sweat and dirt at any time. When you sweat more, you'd better take off the watch or not use the gold-plated strap.

2. In order to avoid the friction between the strap and the rough and sharp objects, we should also avoid the heavy pressure on the strap and keep the rain away.

3. If the gold plating layer of the watch strap falls off, it should be re-gilded.