How to Maintain Diamond Watches

- Apr 11, 2019-

How to maintain diamond watch? Especially precious things we will be careful to protect, want to put it in the most hidden place, let it intact, just like luxury diamond wristwatch. How to maintain the watch is very important, so precious things, we must understand the watch maintenance and nursing attention.

Diamonds have a certain degree of lipophilicity, and contact with grease as little as possible.

Careful wearing and professional cleaning on time.

Because diamonds are easy to loosen due to frequent wearing and activities, we should always pay attention to whether diamonds are loosened. We should go to the jewelry store every six months to have your jewelry cleaned and inspected thoroughly.

We should not wear diamond watches to participate in vigorous sports. Although watches are strictly tested before they leave the factory, diamond shedding caused by vigorous sports still occurs frequently. Diamond watches are not suitable for heavy work. Although diamonds are wearable, they may still be damaged if they are severely hit in the direction of their grain.

In irregular watches, the drills you buy on the watches are likely to be later inlaid, regardless of the quality and process level are greatly discounted, so you must recognize the original factory certificate, rather than the so-called "domestic authoritative appraisal agency" certificate.