How to maintain crocodile leather strap?

- Apr 09, 2019-

How to maintain the leather strap? Maintenance method of high-grade crocodile leather strap. In our daily life, the most common straps are stainless steel and leather straps, but many high-end brands are equipped with alligator straps, so we have to pay attention to maintenance in summer.

Crocodile leather strap is not stronger than calf leather strap, it is also a consumable. In addition to metal strap, rubber strap with good quality is more durable. The life of crocodile leather strap is usually 2-3 years. It would be better if the strap was buckled with a "butterfly" watch.

Sunshine exposure and frequent contact with a large amount of sweat, the greatest damage to the strap, as well as the erosion of moisture and moisture, so that alternating leather is prone to cracking, hardening, and a foul smell, which is the same as when wearing leather shoes.

Don't tighten your wrists too tightly when wearing crocodile leather straps. Be moderately loose to reduce skin contact and sweat erosion.

Usually you can wipe some colorless sheep oil on the watch strap, especially before long-term collection, which is the same as wearing leather shoes, the long-term effect of maintenance is not the same.