How to judge the quality of watch customization

- May 07, 2019-

Many companies encounter a problem when customizing their watches, and how to check the quality of the watch. So how do we tell the quality of watch customization? Let's let Xiaobian teach you some very useful methods of identification.

    1. After the large-scale custom-made goods come out, the manufacturer will ask for inspection. First of all, we should look at the appearance of the watch, whether the appearance is polished and polished, and whether the plating effect is good. The appearance of QC in the watch customization process is very important.

    2, Secondly, the watch's custom QC process should consider the waterproofness of the watch. If the watch manufacturer is required to make the waterproof of the goods, then the watch should be tested for waterproof.

   3, QC on the watch movement, there are many bad businesses in order to blindly pursue profits, opportunistic, change the movement.

   4, in the watch customization process, the watch's travel time is not precise, directly related to the quality of the watch's biggest problem, if the watch is not on time, then directly find the manufacturer!

   For the question of quality and quality, when you choose a custom manufacturer of watches, you should not look at the price of custom watches. We all know how to pay for a penny. You have a valuable value, you can’t afford it. And the quality of the watch.