How to judge the quality of watch customization

- Apr 19, 2019-

When customizing watches, many enterprises will encounter a problem, how to inspect the quality of watches customization. So how do we distinguish the quality of customized watches? Now let Xiao Editor teach you some very useful identification methods.

1. After large-scale customized watches are shipped, manufacturers will require inspection. First, we should look at the appearance of watches, whether the appearance is polished delicately, whether the electroplating effect is good, and the appearance QC is very important in the process of watches customization.

2. Secondly, Watch Waterproof should be considered in the process of customizing QC. If watchmaker is required to make watches, watchproof should be tested.

3. For QC of watch movement, there are a lot of bad businessmen who seek profits blindly, speculate and change movement movement.

4. In the process of customizing watches, the inaccuracy of watches'travel time is directly related to the biggest quality problem of watches. If watches are not on time, find manufacturers directly.

As for the quality of watches, when we choose the manufacturers of watch customization, we should not just look at the price of watches customization. We all know that the price of watches is very valuable. We can't ignore the quality of watches just because they are cheap.