How to judge the magnetization of a watch and how to use a watch demagnetizer to demagnetize it

- Apr 18, 2019-

There are many magnetic fields around our lives, which may not be felt by our bodies, but our watches can feel that the magnetization of watches will seriously affect the work of the machine core, leading to inaccurate watches travel time. So how should we judge whether the watches are magnetized, and how should we use the mobile phone demagnetizer to demagnetize the watches? Let's discuss this below. Face problems.

How to judge whether a watch is magnetized or not and how to use a watch demagnetizer to demagnetize

When wearing watches, watches will be magnetized if they are inadvertently exposed to objects such as generators and motors with strong magnetic fields, or if they are placed on radios and TV sets, and watches will appear inaccurate or even stop. In this case, we should go to the clock repair department as soon as possible to repair professionals to ensure that the watch will not bring more inconvenience to your daily life after it is degaussed. So here's a warm reminder. When wearing a watch, be sure to keep it away from objects with strong magnetic field, so that you won't worry about your favorite watch being degaussed.

How to judge whether a watch is magnetized or not

Compass: Put the watch close to the compass. If the compass deflects badly, the watch will be magnetized. Even if the watch is not magnetized, because the watch itself is made of steel, when the watch is close to the compass, the compass will move slightly, but the degree of deflection is very small.

How to judge whether a watch is magnetized or not and how to use a watch demagnetizer to demagnetize

This method can also be used to detect whether there is a magnetic field in the place where the watch is kept. Take the compass to the place where the watch is kept. If the compass deflects, there will be suspicious magnets nearby. Tools made of iron and steel at home, such as pliers, are often subjected to magnetism when they approach the magnet unconsciously. The place where the watch is kept should also remove such magnetic tools.

How to use a watch demagnetizer to demagnetize

Watch demagnetizer uses alternating magnetic field generated by AC power supply to demagnetize the hairspring of mechanical watch. There is also a demagnetization circuit when the tube TV starts. It can put the watch in front of the screen and then start for demagnetization. It can also have a definite demagnetization effect. Once the watch is magnetized, it will suddenly go very fast, even faster than 1-2 hours. Usually wearing mechanical watches should pay attention to keeping away from the magnetic field, such as audio, television, mobile phones and so on. There is no need for a love watch to be magnetized urgently. First, put a compass beside the watch to see if the compass can fluctuate strongly. If it is magnetized, otherwise it will not be magnetized.

How to judge whether a watch is magnetized or not and how to use a watch demagnetizer to demagnetize

The correct way to use the watch demagnetizer is to turn on the power supply first, press the red switch, hold the watch in hand, the surface goes up and down, and then repeat. This has been de-magnetized; but pay attention to the core can not directly touch the demagnetizer, through the demagnetizer, must be a single direction. Whether it is a mechanical watch or a quartz watch, there are mechanical rotating parts in the machine core. Under the influence of magnet, mechanical parts are pulled by magnetic force, of course, they can not move. When the magnet is removed, the magnetic force is eliminated and the machine can move by itself. But because the mechanical parts in the watch are close to the magnet, they will be magnetized. Therefore, the future rotation process will be greatly affected. It is obvious that the watch moves slowly.