How to extend the life of quartz watches

- Sep 05, 2017-

Generally speaking, the quartz watch should be maintained in 2 to 3 years 1 maintenance, the watch parts to be all broken, with 120 gasoline wipe movement, and then by professional equipment to clean the quartz watch other equipment, and finally oil, Assembled.

  1. Quartz watch circuit are now becomes the pulse width, the power consumption of the circuit and the output pulse width is directly related to, the greater the power the greater the pulse width, typically when the watch is placed in the exchange when a calendar or vertical position, a pulse output circuit of the stepping motor becomes large, so that it is sure to watch at night off horizontally to do.

  2. Any semiconductor silicon material is very sensitive to light, especially the sun, especially in liquid crystal display or LCD display + pointer display type of quartz watches as the representative, because the light may be transmitted to the watch circuit, which has increased the power consumption of the circuit , So to avoid prolonged exposure to strong sunlight in the watch.

  3. Wet environment on the quartz watch is relatively dangerous, because the watch is not absolutely sealed, once the water vapor or humid air into the case, depending on the extent of serious corrosion of steel parts, at least will greatly increase the watch Circuit power consumption.

  4. Any electric pointer adjustment with trouble, with light, altitude, temperature, guides, additional features of the watch, should minimize the use of, in particular, sound and light alarm function, several thousand times its power consumption bigger than the normal power consumption of the watch.