How to do when the wathes with fog

- Sep 25, 2017-

To the rainy season, many friends found that the watches from a thin layer of mist! what should I do? In fact, a slight fog can be self-treatment, but you need to pull out the crown and make it up firstly, the water vapor can be discharged.

>1.If the watch is soaked in water, you can use a few layers of toilet paper or easy to absorb moisture flannel table tightly wrapped around the 40-watt light bulb near about 15 cm, bake about 30 minutes. Do not watch the table mirror near the fire directly baking, so as not to make the table heat deformation.

>2.The mirror inward, the bottom shell outward, anti-worn on the wrist for two hours.

With the granular silica gel and the water has been put together in a sealed container, within a few hours after the removal.

>3.The above three methods are simple and feasible, but if the watch after the water can not be processed in time, or after several days in the treatment can not completely remove the residual moisture in the watch, it is recommended that your watch sent to the professional watch repair center for processing, Clear the moisture inside the movement, replace the waterproof apron, thoroughly protect your watch.