How to do it when the second hands is stop

- Sep 05, 2017-

If it is quartz watches, some of  big second hand is not to work, the general three-hour watch pointer usually do not take the long second hand, only time to go, three small in a small disk has been taking the time is the second hand is the power-saving design.


If it is mechanical watch, travel time error is relatively large, no accurate as quartz watches. The new automatic mechanical watch in the week to activity is not enough, and lead to lack of travel, it is recommended to put down the evening before the watch to the horizontal state of its left and right swing about 10 minutes to supplement the winding to ensure that walking normal.


Automatic mechanical watch to swing by arm and automatically winding, so you need to equipped with more than 12 hours to ensure accurate timing.


The easiest way is to take the repair, but there may be the following: card chords, second hand loosening, shake a few look okay.


Firstly, you need to confirm that it is not only the second hand does not work or not, if the other are normal, it is estimated that have problem of the winding.


Most of the automatic winding watch can be used to manually come to the winding, especially after the first wear or stop to wear again when the first hand should be used to hand the winding, rather than relying on automatic Tuo on the full string. Manual winding watch in the feel when the string does not mean that the spring is full, but the automatic winding watch is basically not feel, so the number of automatic watch on the number of recommendations rather much less, 40 About the basic security can be full. But do not often manual winding, so that the head of the waterproof gasket harmful, will affect the watch's waterproof function.