How to distinguish the quality of watches

- Apr 04, 2019-

It's right to buy brand watches in regular watchshops and specialty stores. No one will cheat you. Don't be greedy for cheapness. Buy watches on the website. There are no guarantees and after-sales services. Selecting quality in a regular watch shop can be trusted, as long as carefully selected, too critical and too harsh will only bring you psychological burden, look at a watch there are faults. Watches are good watches as long as they are accurate. Everything else is secondary.

So how to judge the quality of watches?

1. Appearance inspection: shell, plate and belt are integrated and coordinated, full of aesthetic feeling, whether the markings are consistent. The case is bright, the outer edges and corners are not sharp, the machine core should be stable and not shake in the case; the dial and needle have normal color and clear handwriting; the glass is clean and transparent; the back cover gap should be small, even, clear and complete. The strap is flexible, soft and close to the hand. The coating does not foam and fall off. No serious scratches are allowed in all parts, and no rubbing or falling of the ornaments is allowed.

2. Inspection of the movement of the machine parts: When the spring of the mechanical watch is relaxed, the top chord of the head should be started quickly. Quartz watch with stop-second mechanism, stop-second hour hand is not moving; handle resumes normal, watch should be able to work normally.

3. Time and minute coordination check: When minute and "12" coincide, minute and minute should overlap and coincide on time.

4. Check for dialing needle: When the mechanical meter dials the needle counterclockwise, the second needle is allowed to stop or retreat, but when the dialing needle is stopped, the second needle should start to move again.

5. Triple-needle rubbing inspection: Put the hour, minute and second needles to the overlapping position to check whether there is rubbing between the second needle and the dial and the three needles, and check one by one at 3, 6, 9 and 12 points.

6. Calendar checking: When checking watches with calendar and calendar display functions, there should be no phenomenon of jumping half-character or not, and the jumping time should be within 15 minutes before and after "0".

7. Reliability check: watches should not stop under normal conditions and parts should not fall off on their own. The needle-dialing mechanism works reliably.

8. Quality Inspection of Machine Core: According to the standard of pointer quartz meter, quartz meter is classified into three grades: first-class, first-class and qualified products. According to the standard of ordinary mechanical watches, the watches can be divided into three types: type I, type II and type III. The quality indexes of watches can be divided into 1, 2 and 3 levels.

Instantaneous Daily Difference of Mechanical Meter (seconds/day)

Core assembly diameter mm 1 class 2 class 3 class

Type I is greater than 20-30~+45-40~+75-60~+105

Type II 16-20-30~+45-50~+95-70~+135

Type III is less than 16-40~+85-60~+115

Average Instantaneous Daily Difference Level of Quartz Meter (seconds/day)

Excellence - 0.5 ~+0.5

First Class-1.0 ~+1.0

Qualification - 1.5 ~+1.5

Type I table should last longer than or equal to 36 hours.

The duration of type II watch should be more than or equal to 35 hours.

The running time of type III should be greater than or equal to 34 hours.

When the auto-loading continues,

Type I was 32 hours.

Type II table is 30 hours.

Type III is 28 hours.

9. Inspection of identification and labeling:

A: When purchasing clocks and watches, consumers should pay attention to the fact that each watch should have instructions, including: factory name, factory address, telephone number, instructions for use and implementation standards; imported clocks and watches instructions should have Chinese instructions and the names and addresses of agents, etc.

B: General watches are marked on the dial or back cover: QUARTA means: quartz watch; AUTOMATIC means: automatic mechanical calendar watch; Swiss MADE means: Swiss manufactured; Swiss MOVT means: Swiss cores should match the meaning of the label.

10. When you buy Clocks and watches, when you have doubts about their quality and authenticity, you should go to the national authorized watches and watches quality inspection agency for testing, because only such institutions have real authority and the inspection reports issued have legal effect.