How to distinguish the leather belt of a watch from the genuine leather

- Mar 21, 2019-

1. Hand touch: First, touch the leather surface with your hands. If there is a feeling of smoothness, softness, fullness and elasticity, the leather will be genuine; while the synthetic leather surface will be astringent, rigid, and poor softness.

2. Eye view: leather watches have clearer pore and pattern, yellow cattle skin has more symmetrical fine pore, yak skin has thicker and sparse pore, goat skin has scaly pore; each kind of cortex will have its own characteristics as long as careful observation can be found.

3. Smell: Vegetables are colorful, fragrant and delicious, and different kinds of leather are no exception. Every genuine leather has the smell of leather. Artificial leather has a strong irritating plastic odor. So we can distinguish genuine leather from leather by smelling it.

4. Ignition: It is possible to tear off a little fibers on the back of real leather and artificial leather. After ignition, it is artificial leather that emits pungent odor and knots; and it is real leather that emits hair odor and does not knot.

5. Water absorption identification: If the dermis surface will have good water absorption, and the pseudodermis, on the contrary, has better water resistance. You can dip your finger in some water and apply it on the surface of the strap to observe its water absorption, such as good water absorption, for dermis, poor water absorption or no water absorption at all, most of them are pseudodermis.