How to distinguish Switzerland from Japan

- May 23, 2018-

How to distinguish Switzerland from Japan?

How to identify the watch core fake?

Swiss watches, which are imported, must be made in Switzerland. If it is found in Japan, China or other countries, the watch is fake and shoddy.

All imported Japanese watches are made in Japan. If it is found in Switzerland or other countries, the watch must be fake.

The movement:

First of all, you should be familiar with the machine core type and the core logo used in the real table. If you encounter the fake table at the bottom of the transparent table, you can tell the true and false one at a glance.

Next, want to look carefully the words of the machine core, the character of genuine article machine core is engraved clear and beautiful, false table is coarse, have no aesthetic feeling.

Finally, it is necessary to understand the performance of the machine core, such as manual or automatic, one way or two way, and the sound of the movement.

Voice: in addition to the Swiss movement of 2824283 6 fake ones, such as other movement is the frequency of the 21600, you just need to pick up in the ear to hear, are almost always slow ticking, now really is more than 28800 frequency table are mostly, but a lot of place of true table also has a slow, so this is just one of these.

Burnish: this need not be wordy, general false watch is unpolished. But now there are a lot of polished fake ones in the market, but it is easy to find the roughness of the process with a eyepiece.

Structure :(each of the core has its own structure, not ETA's 2824 flow can be imitated). Domestic production of the watch, the use of the machine core is very mixed, there are Switzerland, Japan and the domestic machine core and so on, the consumer must note: some counterfeiters use some fake and inferior machine core to install on the watch to be recharged. Relatively speaking, buying a watch brand with a high degree of trust will not have these problems.

The Swiss have springs but not Japanese ones.