How to distinguish between Swiss and Japanese movement

- Apr 26, 2019-

How to identify counterfeit and inferior watch movements?

All imported Swiss watches must be made in Switzerland. If it is found that the machine core used is made in Japan, China or other countries, the watch is a counterfeit and inferior product.

All imported Japanese watches must be made in Japan. If the machine core is found to be made in Switzerland or other countries, the watch must also be counterfeit and inferior products.

Look at the movement:

First of all, we should be very familiar with the model of the machine core and the marking of the machine core used in the true watch. If we encounter a false table with transparent bottom, we can recognize the authenticity at a glance.

Secondly, we should carefully observe the words of the machine core. The carving of the real machine core is clear and beautiful, while the false table is rough and without aesthetic feeling.

Finally, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of the performance of the machine core, such as manual or automatic up-link mode, one-way or two-way, and the sound of the machine core when it is moving.

Voice: In general, except for the Swiss 2824, 2836 and other fake watches, the other watches are 21600 frequencies. You just need to pick up and listen to them in your ear, almost all of them are slow ticking. Now most watches are above 28800 frequencies, but many watches also have slow swing, so this is only one of them.

Grinding: This does not need to be verbose, the general false watch is not polished. But now there are a lot of polished fake machine cores on the market, but with an eyepiece you can easily find the rough processing.

Structure: (Each core has its own structure, rather than being imitated by the 2824 stream of ETA). Domestic watches use a variety of wicks, such as Swiss, Japanese and domestic wicks. Consumers should pay attention to the fact that some counterfeiters use some fake wicks to install them on watches to make them better. Relatively speaking, these problems will not arise when buying watches with high trust.

Swiss core has springs, but Japanese core does not.