How to disassemble the watch strap? Notes for disassembling and replacing the watch strap

- Mar 30, 2019-

Watch straps are consumables, they have to be replaced inevitably, so if the straps crack and taste, don't reluctantly, they are very entangled. But we still have to work hard to save time and delay the aging of your belt.

If the new belt feels hard after hand, don't rub it hard, so it is easy to break the fiber of the belt and cause cracking. In fact, the watch strap will be soft after a period of time.

Watchband is the most water-repellent. Do not touch water if you can. Don't think that your watch is waterproof, you can go into the water at will. The case is waterproof, but the strap is not water-resistant. Some straps have yellow waterproofing layer inside, although this may not be stained with water, because the waterproofing layer may also lose its function. Watchbands stained with water must be dry, otherwise they are prone to odor. If it smells bad, you can soak it in alkali water. Of course, that's the best way.

Because of the large amount of sweat in summer, in order to avoid the watchband odor, it is recommended to replace the steel band if conditions permit. Or bring as little as possible, at least not too tight.

Most of the detachable straps have arrow marks on the back of the strap, which can push the nails along the direction of the arrow. If there is no arrow marks, we can observe the end face of the nails in the hole. If it is flat and has a tight gap, we temporarily call the end A and the other end round. We temporarily call the end B. We need to push the nails in the direction from B to A.

For the method of replacing strip removal needle, the handle of strip removal device is rotated counterclockwise, then the ring at the tail is prized off, and the handle is separated by a slit, so that the broken needle can be removed.

When buying a watch strap, the width of the original watch strap must be accurate. Note that the general interface is flat strap is easier to replace, if it is convex type or other shape may be customized or manually modified.

Note that in order to be easy to wear and take off, it is necessary to put the short and buckled section on the top side of the watch and the long section on the bottom side. Otherwise, one-handed operation would be awkward.