How to Disassemble/Open the Back Cover of Mechanical watch

- Apr 02, 2019-

The back cover of a watch is usually the sealing cover of the internal parts of the watch. When it needs to change batteries and wash the oil on the watch, it is necessary to open the back cover of the watch. How does that open the back cover of the watch? What is the function of the notch in the back cover of a watch? Next, I will explain how to open the back cover of a watch.

There are many ways to open and close the back cover of a watch, but most of them are screwed back cover and pressed back cover, followed by tightening the back cover with several screws. For this kind of pressing the back cover of a watch, as long as we use some basic tools, we can open it, as long as we press it tightly when restoring it, which is the simplest in disassembly.

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Many years ago, many people thought that only the screw back cover watches, the case is sealed tightly is the best, sealed very well; but now the pressing back cover watches gradually increased, also can guarantee the watches in the living water-proof performance.

The only unsatisfactory thing is that when the watch is opened, the knife and the axe and hammer will be used, which is more reluctant and "scary". Moreover, the technique must be careful and careful, and the watch shell can not be damaged. Opening the remnants can not be guaranteed at all, especially for gold-plated or K-gold watch shell.

If conditions permit, we should also use professional meter opener as far as possible. There is a kind of meter opener similar to a vise. As long as the rack on the wrist is placed, the knife edge of the meter opener is aimed at the opening of the back cover of the watch. As long as we grasp the strength well, it is easy to open the back cover of the watch.

When a watch is closed by pressing the back cover, it has a notch on the back cover. Which one is to open the spindle of the watch machine, if the back cover is not allowed to be pressed in alignment, it will make the edge of the back cover squeeze the handle shaft, leading to the watch handle can not be used normally for the adjustment of the watch.

Even if there is no recess in the back cover, there is the same emphasis on the back cover letters and logos as the surface of the watch. The top of the pattern letters on the back cover of the watch should correspond to the 12-point position on the surface of the watch and be in the middle. Additionally, there is a way to pull out the edge of the back cover, which is also used to pry open the back cover. Generally, it is used on the K gold watch case. The position of the back cover edge is basically at 12 points of the opening of the case.

Apart from the above-mentioned requirements, that is, the opening position of the back cover of a watch, most of the opening openings of the back cover will have a slope, which is generally the best position to open the back cover of a watch, usually at 9 o'clock, some of which are located at a certain claw, or 12 o'clock at the opening of the watch shell. I feel that the opening at 9 o'clock position is easier to open the meter, but the most inconvenient place is the opening of the watch case. It is very difficult to open the meter there, not to mention that there is no support point.

Knowing the function of the gap in the back cover of a watch may not be very common, but when we need to buy and repair watches in the future, we must pay attention to these details and pay more attention to them.