How to deal with the rupture of wrist watch mirror

- Apr 02, 2019-

When the wrist watch mirror is broken, if the correct measures are not taken, it may cause more damage to the wrist watch! Now let's take a look at the emergency treatment after the broken watch mirror.

Mild: When a watch is accidentally scratched or cracked, it needs to be replaced at a professional watch shop as soon as possible. Although it can be used temporarily, it is not waterproof and dustproof, which will affect the use of precision watches.

Severe: burst, corner crushing and serious damage, there are debris on the dial, immediately take the following measures:

1. Stop watch: pull out the watch and stop it. Do not let the pointer drive the glass debris and scratch the dial and calendar.

2. Can't dial needles, can't adjust calendar, can't try to remove the broken glass of the dial by oneself.

3. Place the watch flat (preferably glass facing down) in the packing box to ensure that the watch is not shaken.

4. Send it to professional watch shop for repair immediately.