How to cut the diamond on the watch was the most shining

- Oct 19, 2017-

If you have the experience of selecting a diamond ring, you may know that to judge the value and quality of a diamond, there is a set of 4C measures. Ie Caratage, Clarity, Color, and Cut. And these four measures to determine the quality of the diamond, the first three are from the natural, if the relationship with the acquired human, then, is only whether there are carefully selected. Only the last one - cut, is the only by our watchmakers or diamond cutting division of the operating technology decision, cut the diamond on the basis of the original natural.

Then our watch on the mosaic of diamonds, how to cut the most shiny it? "Shiny" is a favorite choice when we choose a diamond, is a more popular argument, but the "shiny" concept is relative, if that is how to cut the best, it may be easier to give a Reasonable answer. Cut the diamond can bring the United States mainly refers to the greatest degree of diamonds show the brightness and fire color, the ideal cut to reflect almost all the light into the diamond.

Cut is the artisan cut diamond angle and the proportion of each part of the cutting ratio of the degree of precision directly affect the diamond brightness and fire color. The ideal cut is the light that will enter the diamond, after the internal reflection of different facets, condensed at the top of the diamond, blooming out the greatest degree of bright light. If the diamond cutting width and depth ratio is too large, then enter the diamond light will escape from the bottom of the diamond, and the proportion is too small, into the diamond light will be dipped from the diamond pavilion, both cases will affect the brightness of diamonds。

In the selection of watches, we often can see some official description, they are often cut and cut the shape of diamonds to describe the diamond, with a phrase. What is the simple word that can be passed to us? Diamond cut mainly in ladder cutting, bright cutting, mixed cutting and so on. The application of the shape of the watch inlaid cutting mainly round, lance tip, emerald cut, trapezoid, princess square, heart-shaped and so on. What are the different diamonds in the end of the different beauty or unsatisfactory place?

Bright cut is the most common cut in the diamond inlaid watch, round is also the best reflection of the diamond color of the cutting shape of one. The cut ratio of round cut is calculated by the Polish mathematician, and the standard bright round cut has 58 facets. The cut diamonds are theoretically able to reflect the maximum amount of light, so diamonds Most of the cut using this cutting method.


In addition to the bright round, the princess square is the most popular diamond cut shape. From the name you can see that this is more classic gorgeous cutting shape, live up to expectations, in reflecting the diamond fire color, the princess square after the bright round cut. Princess square diamond desktop, the light easier to enter the diamond inside, and then through the bottom V-groove reflection, diamonds shine.


Heart-shaped diamond cutting in the watch decoration may not be common, but the heart-shaped stones in the watch decoration is more common, especially heart-shaped ruby, so that the shape of love with a romantic sweet color naturally won many women Of the favor. However, heart-shaped stones or diamonds can only meet the ladies of the girls only heart, if that is ideal cut, I am afraid not, heart-shaped cutting is not a good reflection of the diamond's fire color.