How to customize watches and what are the choices

- Mar 16, 2019-

Many people want more personalized watches. Customizing watches is a good choice. Customizing watches is a complex process. It depends not only on the complexity of technology or design, but also on keeping in touch with customers to get continuous feedback until they are satisfied. In many cases, customizing watches is not about technology or manufacturing issues, but also to guide customers to choose a suitable personal image. The combination of temperament and converting the abstract concept of ideal watch into concrete proposals, what are the choices of how to customize the watch?

In many cases, customized watches need to be made according to the requirements of customers, such as watch shape and belt selection, watchcase can be polished or matte by diamond, or can be processed by PVD. The color is recommended as black, grey and brown. These three colors are popular currently. In addition, the coating of the case can be plated with gold, platinum, rhodium and brown. Ruthenium plating, thickness and quality can be customized according to customer requirements, if necessary, the case can also choose any material or redesign.

Customized watches have many models to choose from, any color can be selected, but we need to pay attention to the length of the belt according to the size of each person's wrist measurement to produce, so as to ensure that the watch can adapt to movement, choose customization can be more personalized, to ensure that every guest can have the desired watch.