How to clean up the dust in the gap between the watch dial and the watch chain?

- Apr 04, 2019-

If your watch has a waterproof capacity of over 100 meters (10 bars), wash it under the tap every now and then. If the waterproof ability of the watch is within 100 meters, it is not recommended to wash it by oneself. It can be sent to a professional watch maintenance organization for ultrasonic shake washing.

Summer is sweaty and there is much dust in the air. The dirt stirred up easily accumulates in all kinds of cracks in the watch. How often do you wash? Take off your watch and there is no trace on your wrist. As long as there is a little black mark, it should be cleaned; if it is not cleaned in time, the dirt will gather more and more.

Even so, watches with leather straps are not recommended in summer. Because the smell of skin and sweat can almost bring death back to life.

The best way to get rid of dirt and dust is to wear a wristwatch with a rubber strap. Nowadays, quick change watch strap is the trend of the industry. Some brands offer three choices of metal chain, leather strap and rubber strap to ensure that the owner of the watch is comfortable in midsummer.