How to Chord Automatic Machinery Meter

- May 17, 2019-

Any so-called "automatic" thing is not unconditional. Of course, mechanical things must abide by the principle. Watches are the same. To "automatic" thing, the premise is that your own arm must move first. According to the principle of work in physics, the object does not move horizontally (unless you move with acceleration), so the wrist translation can not make the watch chord.

The principle of the top chord of an automatic watch is mostly based on an eccentric pendulum top (automatic top or automatic weight hammer). It's a bit like the "clam ram" used to smash the ground in the construction of a building project. It's shaped like a semi-circular disk. It's made of heavy metal with thick edges. So most of the mass is on the edge of the pendulum, making use of gravity and gravity of the center of the earth. The arm swings and rotates, and drives a set of gears to tighten the winding to top the chord.

Mechanical watches use arm movements to complete the upper chord. If the watch is placed too long or the movement of the arm is less every day, the winding energy of the watch will be inadequate because of the lack of upper chord, which will easily lead to the phenomenon of inaccurate travel or night stopping. If the above phenomenon occurs, you should increase the arm activity or turn the upper chord of the watch by hand before the evening break, and it is recommended that you wear it for more than eight hours every day (besides the automatic device, there is also a manual upper chord device, so you don't have to worry about excessive upper chord and damage the hair cloth), so as to ensure sufficient energy.