How to Choose Your Watch

- Mar 26, 2019-

Every man should have a good watch! Since it's a good watch, we must be careful when buying it. Old hands may already know how to buy watches. Today we will introduce them to new friends.

1. Advantages and disadvantages: quartz and machinery are inseparable

Normally, mechanical watches are more expensive than quartz watches, but this does not mean that mechanical watches are necessarily better than quartz watches.

The main difference between quartz watches and mechanical watches is which energy source is used to drive the movement of the watch core. The mechanical watch has a helix. When people chord their watches, the helix is tightened at the same time. When the helix is loosened, it starts to drive the core to move. Quartz watches use a battery as a source of energy. Batteries output electricity to electronic blocks and motors in watches. Each second, the electronic block will output a pulse wave to the motor, which drives the needle to run.

Therefore, in terms of timing, quartz watches are more accurate than mechanical watches. Because of the inconsistency of spiral motion speed, the accuracy of mechanical watch timing will decrease, and its accuracy will also be affected by temperature, location and parts wear and tear. So it is normal for a mechanical watch to have 15-30 seconds error a day, and the minimum error is 4-5 seconds. But quartz watches are different. Quartz crystal can provide the most stable pulse wave, so it can guarantee the highest accuracy. Generally, the monthly error of quartz watches is between 15 and 25 seconds, and the minimum error is only 5 seconds a year.

The reason why mechanical watches are more expensive than quartz watches is that mechanical watches need precise manual timing adjustment in their production process, and quartz watches are usually assembled on automatic production lines.

In addition, it is generally believed that mechanical watches have longer life than quartz watches. But that may not be the case, because all the running parts of a quartz watch are the same as a mechanical watch. Although the life of electronic components has not been fully tested, they may also have the same life. Therefore, consumers can fully believe that a good quartz watch can provide the same length of service as a mechanical watch.

However, quartz watches and mechanical watches have their own advantages and disadvantages. The greatest advantage of quartz watches is the high accuracy of timing, easy to wear, and easy to make into a very thin, small, fashionable sense. The core of a mechanical watch is more technological, but the shell thickness is generally larger. Quartz watches should be chosen if your diagrams are convenient and your timing accuracy is high. If it's a very small, very thin quartz watch, you have to consider whether it's convenient to change batteries, because the thinner the batteries, the more expensive they are.

Men's Quartz Watch

2. Material selection: the case should vary from person to person

Watch case materials commonly include K gold, gold plating, titanium, stainless steel, semi-steel chromium plating, alloy shell and so on. K gold watchcase is only used by famous brand high-grade watches, and its price is generally over tens of thousands of yuan; while semi-steel (only the back cover of the watch is stainless steel) chrome-plated watches belong to low-grade watches, and the watchcase is easy to be corroded. The gold-plated case is quite beautiful, but it is easy to wear off without a certain thickness of gold-plated (including the strap). If a gold-plated surface is to be selected, the coating thickness should be above 10 microns. Titanium-plated watches are strong and wear-resistant, but the color is not very good. Nowadays, two-color case straps (gold or gold-plated and stainless steel) are more popular. They are more beautiful and durable. Gold-plated watches are more expensive than steel watches. Watches with leather straps are much cheaper than watches with the same steel straps.

Stainless steel case watches should be worn by sweaty or sporty people, outdoor workers, and people who have been exposed to chemical acids and alkalis for a long time, such as medical workers. Chemicals containing mercury can cause great damage to K-gold and gold plating and discoloration of gold. Copper plated handles, case and inner side of the strap are easily corroded by sweat, which makes the coating fall off. Steel watch with hollow core and solid core, hollow watch band weight is lighter belongs to low-grade watch, solid core watch band is stronger and durable.

The fastening between the band sections and the buckle are the most problematic parts when wearing watches. When purchasing watches, you must check carefully. Some watch buckles are open and closed for a long time, where problems easily occur, such as "butterfly" buckles, and ** watch straps are fragile. These should also be considered before purchasing watches.

3. Listen to Voice Watch?

As the saying goes, "Listen to the table, listen to the gongs and drums". Early experienced watchmaker always sticks his watch to his ear, shakes his head and changes his posture, listens to the change of voice when the watch moves to guess whether it is good or bad. This is all experience and effort. A well-trained watchmaker can tell the oscillation frequency of the pendulum of a watch, and even whether it is a "rough horse watch".

The simplest way to understand the meaning of listening to a watch is actually to listen to the changes in the sound of the watch as it moves after changing its position. The voice of watches with faults or damaged parts will change obviously with the change of position. Some of them will change periodically, and the sound will be bigger and smaller. Because of this, listening to a watch can only detect whether the watch is faulty, and can not fully represent the quality of the watch.

But for ordinary people, listening to watches requires experience, and it's better to make comparisons, that is, listening more and practicing more. Watches of different sizes have different sound when they walk. Generally speaking, men's watches are louder and women's watches are much smaller. As for the position of the audiometer, we should choose the common position when we wear it - that is, the plane, which includes "the surface of the dial and the surface below the dial". In addition, there are three more.