How to choose the running watches

- Sep 25, 2017-

GPS watch and heart rate with the core function is to let the movement of data, to run the monitoring implementation and follow-up statistical analysis.

Firstly, you need to clear your recent running target, select the appropriate stopwatch meet your target.

1.according to the length of running distance, select the running table battery life.

For example, your goal is to run 10 km entry distance, or 20 km race, the general GPS watches can meet. But if your goal is directly marathon. A battery can be used at least 6 hours of the watch is very important, went to half of the electricity is no one wants the situation.

2.according to running intensity, choose heart rate monitoring.

Heart rate is a very good technology products, it can be very accurate real-time monitoring of heart rate, there are specialized running heart rate training method. In fact, monitoring the heart rate is the monitoring intensity. He basically can represent your progress rhythm. If you are an impatient, often very hard training, I suggest you buy a watch with a heart rate, strength and effort index can be reflected from the extreme heart rate above, of course, for some of the weaker beginners, their own body The situation is not very understanding, with heart rate monitoring is also a way to ensure safety.

3.according to social needs, choose to share a convenient platform.

In general, when running real-time information is necessary, there are a lot of running friends like to sum up and share each training, so that upload action has become a common feature, easy to upload and share data to run the table, will let you The running summary is more fun.

According to more personalized needs, select the appropriate brand and model.