How to Choose the Core of Customized Watch

- Apr 18, 2019-

We all know that watches are made up of many kinds of materials, such as case, surface, handle, watch band, machine core, etc. But the machine core can basically be said to be the heart of a watch. It can be seen that the machine core plays an important role in watches. In the customization of watches, it is very important to customize the machine core. The machine core is basically from the aspects of pendulum, yarn and material. Next, let's know about it by Xiaodai.

When you hold the customized watches in your hand, you can listen carefully to the movement of the watches, if the sound is clear and pleasant. Then the application of this core pendulum system is to replace the original pendulum. Whatever material the pendulum is selected, the one with high precision is chosen as far as possible, and the one with durable structure must also be selected. Another is to look at the grade of the hairspring, there are two kinds of good quality at present. Among them, the physical properties of the alloy are good, but this kind of material of Blue Steel looks more pleasant.