How to choose a man's watch strap? Which material is the best?

- Apr 18, 2019-

Now watches have spread all over the world, many people have brought a variety of watches, in order to make it more convenient to see the time can also be used as accessories to decorate their whole body, but when choosing a watch, what kind of strap is better?

Metal watch band: Generally speaking, steel watch is matched with steel band, but gold watch can be matched with golden expression. Although there are other materials, there are not too many small braids. Metal watch band is relatively strong and has a longer service life, but it is better not to touch water. In terms of formula, metal watch band is actually quite cool to wear in summer. Waiting to wear, but adjusting the length is more troublesome.

Ceramic watchband: Generally speaking, ceramic watchband is less used than metal watchband. In fact, the wearing aspect is similar to metal watchband, but the comfort degree is relatively high, and the visual impact after starting is good. After all, ceramics is a kind of material which is not easy to wear and tear, looks relatively smooth, and looks very pleasant, but ceramic watchband is not good to go by itself. Dismantling and assembling is also the most troublesome point.

Cortical strap: This should be a kind of material we can often see. Cortical strap is actually divided into many different kinds of cortex. It is very comfortable to wear a leather strap watch. Because of the body temperature, it will become unusually soft. It fits our wrists comparatively. But it is undeniable that there will be a little stuffy heat, but the maintenance of the leather strap is very convenient.

Rubber watchband: This is generally used for diving, and some even have a light fragrance. It can be said that comfort is better than metal belt, but no belt has a high comfort. The most important thing is that the rubber watchband is still relatively stuffy and airtight, but the broken rubber watchband can only be replaced and can not be repaired.