How to choose a good supplier for wholesale watches

- Apr 22, 2019-

The supply of watches online and offline is an important factor. Only by finding a good source of watches and cooperating with a good wholesale watchmaker can you open the market well, then how to choose a good supplier for wholesale watches?

Watch wholesale, looking for watches suppliers is the key.

Wholesale watches either go to the stalls of the watch market to find suppliers, or go to watch manufacturers to get a first-hand supply, because prices and after-sales service manufacturers have advantages, so many shopkeepers will choose to look directly for watches manufacturers to get goods. What kind of watches manufacturers wholesale watches better?

Wholesale watches first look at quality

Looking for watches manufacturer, although the price is cheap and other reasons, but in the final analysis, the first thing to look at is the quality problem, goods than three, you can take some samples in small batches, and then compare the quality, such as waterproof, watchcase plating pass, battery durability and so on. Of course, you can also go directly to the manufacturer to see the quality, if the quality is better, there is no problem.

Watch wholesale followed by service

After-sales service is also an important reason to consider. Good after-sales service can continue to form a good circle of customers, so it is necessary to understand their after-sales service in detail with manufacturers, and also their after-sales management, process and so on.