How to Change Watchbands and Notices for Watches

- Apr 12, 2019-

Now the material of the strap is also a lot of, common is stainless steel and leather. Leather straps or plastic straps have a useful life. When replacing, it should be noted that the width of the strap and the width of the opening of the case should be suitable, not too narrow. Narrow strap will move left and right. It is easy to compress the spring of the strap bolt and make it fall off, resulting in the loss of the watch, but also not beautiful. (Especially those watches with large diameters and long bolts). The width of the leather strap is: 18 and 20MM for males, 10 and 12MM for females. The thickness of the strap should also take into account the gap between the opening of the case and the strap tie. If the strap is too thick, it will be jammed between the case and the strap tie, causing the strap to move very close.

What should we pay attention to when changing the watch strap?

1. The part of the strap with the buckle (the short part) should always be above the watch (when the watch is looking, the watch is on the right). Watchband is unlike human waistband, the installation orientation is prescribed.

2. Metal watch strap. When the watch is spread out, the letters or marks on the discount of the strap should be the same as the dial. If it is reversed, the strap is reversed. You can use your thumb to open the watch button. Butterfly button can only see if the sign is in line with the dial. The strap is reversed. Opening and closing must not be easy.

3 Other related issues:

The discounted strap has many holes in the side to adjust the length of the strap. When indenting the strap, it is also important to note that the adjusting knot (indentation and release) of the buckle should not indent the side of the strap closing axis. In this way, the buckle will form leverage force, so that the strap is very easy to open, it is easy to lose the watch.

When the metal strap is removed from the strap section, it is better to go in double numbers, and the buckles must be removed evenly from left to right. Only in this way can we ensure that the buckle is in the middle and the wearing is comfortable. Especially for women with thin wrists, we should pay more attention to this problem when going to the watch band section.

Dismantling the strap knuckle is directional. Generally, there are arrows on the strap knuckle to indicate the direction of bolt rush out between the strap knuckles. It can't be reversed. The direction of installation is opposite to the direction of removal. Hollow watchband joints and joint bolting, generally with the so-called "hairpin". It is easy to loosen and break out, while the core strap is usually connected with the strap joint by piercing screw or bolt, and it may loosen and break out after a long time, so it must be checked regularly. It can be pushed outward with a needle-like object. If it comes out with a push of a bolt, it is already loose. If any signs are found, repair them immediately.

Like leather watchbands, rubber watchbands are easily damaged, and they need to be replaced in a few years. In addition to the size of the strap, the color should also be taken into account, especially in fashion watches.