How to change the watches battery

- Sep 25, 2017-

>1.Open the case back

It is recommended that you can buy a universal meter. Universal open the watch can open a variety of sizes, patterns different watch back cover, it can change the angle of each buckle, and can adjust the handle and adjust the distance through the adjustment plate. It has several different shape of the buckle, according to a variety of watch back cover to change.

>2.Replacement battery

First of all, use bamboo or plastic tweezers to remove the watch battery, remember not to use metal tweezers, also had to bring gloves, to prevent the hands of the static electricity caused by battery short circuit. Then, with the tweezers clip the battery and the correct placement of the positive and negative batteries, of course, to ensure that the watch's battery before loading is no impurities.

>3.Check the watch

The battery installed, be careful not to get other parts, and then check whether the normal operation of the watch. If the pointer can be normal rotation, it shows that there is no problem.

>4.set of waterproof bezel

Waterproof bezel for a watch is very important, if the water ring if damaged, will directly affect the life of the watch. Waterproof ring is very afraid of hot steam, steam will make the dial polished, so we do not bring watches into the bathroom where there are hot steam. If the waterproof ring is damaged, it is necessary to replace the new waterproof ring in time to ensure its waterproof function.

>5.Install the case, check the watch waterproof performance

When loading case, to align the slot, do not press, this will damage the watch. Check the watch waterproof performance, please use cold water experiment, do not use warm water or hot water, the above has been mentioned, waterproof ring is afraid of hot steam

>6.tune the date and time

For a calendar watch,adjust the calendar first, and then adjust the time. If you are in the afternoon to adjust the time, it is necessary to turn 12 hours, so as not to change the date at noon. If there is no calendar. You can directly adjust the time can be.