How to change the watch for the glass

- Oct 23, 2017-

Watch glass is the appearance of pieces, in the most prominent parts of the watch, with the outside world the most chance of friction and impact. Due to the material and location of the reasons, watch glass is one of the most vulnerable parts of the watch. Where the table glass is lost, broken, there are cracks, must be replaced by the original specifications.

In the replacement watch table glass, the most important thing is to consider the outer diameter and diameter of the table glass, its diameter should be fitted with tight ring, the outer diameter should be able to closely match with the case. Fu Yi two conditions, the card name is different does not matter. In these two accessories,

To the diameter of the most important, slightly smaller diameter is no relationship. Because the tight ring can use the opening ring, in the opening at a short section, you can put into the watch glass, which has no effect on the table glass.

With the watch glass, you can directly hand the table glass into the watch table glass slot. The method is to remove the damaged table glass, clean the watch table glass slot, in the table glass mouth configuration tight ring, then the table glass into the case slot, when the table glass quarter Three has entered the table when the mouth, with his left hand four fingers to support the case back cover. Thumbs hard to suppress the central part of the glass table, the right hand thumb did not enter the case concave concave Yi Qi table glass edge forced to squeeze into the concave Cao, until the glass table around the table into the case slot. It is best to use the pliers, the use of plastic pliers can make the table glass force uniformity, can be a table glass edge pressure into the case groove. However, the inner diameter and outer diameter of the table glass must be selected accurately, otherwise it will crush the table glass