How to change the battery of quartz watches?

- Nov 21, 2017-

1, the use of bamboo or plastic tweezers to take the battery, remember to take the battery when taking gloves to prevent the hands of static electricity, so as to avoid short-circuit the battery.

2, the battery should be put aside. Hand the pool to be positive, remove the watch battery to remember the battery to put positive, negative straight position.

3, clean the battery. Before installing a new battery, check the positive and negative contacts connected to the battery for dirt. If dirt, wipe with alcohol or gasoline.

4, pay attention to the direction of the battery. When loading the battery, pay attention to the battery positive and negative direction, do not put the positive and negative anti-installed.

Watch battery replacement standard process

1, open the case;

2, replace the battery;

3, check other parts are intact;

4, replace the waterproof ring;

5, Close the case and check the waterproof function;

6, set the correct time for the watch, check the watch after the assembly cleanliness and operation;