How to avoid the ten misunderstandings of buying watches

- Mar 18, 2019-

In any transaction, a wise buyer will measure whether the goods are worth their money, and buying watches is no exception. The most basic principle is that they are not worth their money. On this basis, there are some skills and factors worth exploring. Experienced buyers, collectors and middlemen all have their own experiences in this respect. However, it is generally acknowledged that one of the key points is the seller's reputation and the dealing with a credible seller is very important. In addition to the basic principles mentioned above, we consulted some experts in this field and summarized some major misunderstandings that should be avoided when purchasing tables from their opinions. Of course, we can't list all the problems we may encounter in the transaction. We just hope that you can benefit from this article and reduce the chance of regret in the transaction.

1) Don't trust pictures too much.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but the picture itself may be confusing. A good watch may not be photographed, but a bad watch may be beautiful in the picture. "If you look at a table from a photograph and it's very economical, it's often a kind of **", "If you only look at pictures and have not seen physical objects, then it's best to trade with a reputable seller and ask for a return guarantee." "The quality of the photos may confuse the real state of the product," he points out.

Cognition of table knowledge is the key to buy tables by chart. "If you know enough about this watch in the picture, such as having seen physical objects, or other products from the same manufacturer, you will have a spectrum in mind when you look at the picture. So it's necessary to do enough homework before buying.

2) Don't just focus on accuracy

3) Just looking beautiful is not enough.

Some watches look very beautiful to you, but they may not be comfortable or attractive to wear.

Only after a while can you really determine what kind of watch really suits you. If you know what you're going to buy, you can determine which watches you won't buy. "So the first impression is very important. If I feel uncomfortable wearing a watch or don't look so good, then I will never buy it. That's the trick."

4) Don't follow the trend blindly

Just because a watch is "hot" doesn't mean you're worth it. Something is always in fashion at any time, and something new keeps popping up. People follow fashion and hope to be recognized by society. Know who you really are and buy what you really like.

Businessmen warn people not to blindly follow the trend. "Many collectors buy things that are in fashion, as I did when I started as a middleman. Now I also have something popular because people want to trade. What I want to say is, follow your heart and buy things. If you're an investor, at least make sure that the hot items you buy don't appreciate, and you'll be happy to see them in your collection. Following the trend always exists. At any time, some people buy watches that may not be necessary for themselves, but for the whole industry, this phenomenon is beneficial. If you buy a popular product, you can't keep its value unless you buy it and sell it just when it's hot. Novice is not suitable to invest in forms. First you have to do your homework and know what you are doing. Many people buy things more emotionally than prudently.

5) Don't be misled by "big card"

A watch will not keep or even appreciate its value just because it is a "big brand" work. Some people will think: "I prefer big-brand works, unless the manufacturer's problems lead to a decline in the quality of the works, they usually sell better, investing in them is safer, just like buying blue chips. The investment is large, but the safety factor is also high. Others hold different views on it. "If you buy watches for use, you probably don't care much about fame. In fact, maybe it's better for you to have no fame." He thought, "But as a collector, you have to collect famous brand goods, because the value of the collection depends largely on the brand's reputation.

It is contradictory to emphasize the importance of famous brands. "Some factories enjoy high reputation and the quality of their works is always true; but some factories do not work hard after they become famous, leading to a decline in standards."

6) Don't overestimate investment factors

If you buy watches only for investment, you should be realistic about the return. Some watches will appreciate quickly, but most of them will not fluctuate significantly. If you only want to invest, it is recommended that you buy only famous watches.

Investing in a chart does not mean that you can spend your old age on it in the future, and you may devote 50 years of time and energy to it. But if a watch can bring you 50 years of happiness, is it worth investing in? If you buy a watch for 50,000 yuan, if you can earn 50,000 yuan in return one day, that's a good thing. Others scoff at the purpose of such investment. "Don't think about investing in collections, because you'll probably be disappointed. Put your investments in stocks. Only by purchasing watches purely for collection can you really enjoy them."

7) Avoid speculative bidding

"I'm always attracted to hot spots in auctions," someone would say. "I usually say I won't pay that price, but when I see what I really want, I still grab it. For those general goods,