How to adjust the time of quartz watch

- Apr 23, 2019-

There are many people who wear watches, but a large number of people do not know about watches and do not know the basic operation of watches. Next, I will introduce you how to adjust the time of watches.

1. How to adjust the mechanical meter?

1. The middle handle is screwed like a bolt. It is designed according to the waterproof design of the cabinet. When adjusting the time, it is screwed down counterclockwise and loosened like a teacup cap.

2. When the screw is loosened, the gear 0 is screwed up directly and the winding is done manually. (Newly purchased watches or long time without wearing, when wearing again, please first hand on 30 rings of winding, to ensure that the energy of the watch, usually do not need).

3. Pull it slightly. It's one gear up for a week and down for a calendar.

4. Pull it. It's two gears that can adjust the time.

2. How to adjust the quartz meter?

1. For calendar-less watches, when the second runs to 12 o'clock position, pull out the handle, rotate clockwise, and adjust the time. If there are no seconds, for the accuracy of time, the minute needle can be adjusted to the first two minutes of the time you want to adjust, then push back the handle after adjusting the time.

2. For watches with calendar, pull out the handle slightly. You can adjust the week clockwise, the date counter-clockwise, and the handle to the outside. You can adjust the time. The specific operation is the same as that of watches without calendar.

3. In case of watches with complex functions, please contact the merchant directly first.

3. Precautions before adjustment:

1. Before preparing to adjust the time, please pay attention to: in case of a watch with spiral crown, do not pull out hard, please turn the locked crown counter-clockwise first, after adjusting the time, turn the crown clockwise and push it into the lock, so as not to enter the water (many customers reflect how the received watch can not adjust the head to adjust the time, please read this information in detail).

2. Next, pay attention to the forbidden area of the machine core of the mechanical watch from 21:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. during this period, it is not suitable to adjust on weekdays and calendars, otherwise the machine core will be damaged.

3. Do not adjust the time counter-clockwise between 21:00 and 3:00, because in this period of week, the calendar gear in the switching, long time reverse direction adjustment will damage the internal parts, other periods of clockwise, counter-clockwise can be adjusted freely.