How much is the watch polished

- Apr 27, 2018-

How much is the watch polished?

What is a watch polishing?

The polishing of a watch is the removal of a layer of oxidized metal on the surface. It doesn't matter from the polishing, the question is how well the equipment is and the level of the operator. If you don't get it, you're going to hurt your watch. Because the polishing of the watch is very high in technical parameters, polishing the watch is a very delicate work, and the professional cleaning (polishing) usually takes 5 days to complete. The old watch, after such a complicated professional cleaning, can usually be turned into a new one.

Watch polishing method

The local depth scratches on the surface of the case or strap should be focused on the local first polishing with the oil stone. This need to be done under a magnifying glass, the purpose is to cut evenly smooth, after the basic has scratches to smooth, choosing the best particle size sand paper, the original sand grain to grind, usually the lines are centered in the dial out radially, so, this is a live carefully, to, a little bit of grinding out effect will be good to realistic.

How much is the watch polished?

The polishing table must cost a certain amount, but it varies according to the level of the table. So the price cannot be given! For example, tens of thousands of watches, maintenance costs are relatively high. According to the watch industry association, tens of thousands of watches, in addition to the cost of the cleaning, and the price of the watch to add a thousandth of the inspection fee. So the price of the watch is related to the price of your watch.