How much do you know about stainless steel quartz watches

- Mar 29, 2019-

Material abundance today, we are facing a vast number of choices. Watches, for example, are a big problem for people with selective difficulties. So what should we pay attention to when we want to customize watches? Let's take a look.

Custom watches

I. Origin and Years

To some extent, origin is more important than brand. For example, a brand in India, the advertisement said no matter how good, I believe there will not be too many people interested. On the contrary, a genuine German watch, without much introduction, as long as you hold the object in your hand, will soon make people feel value for money. Of course, the most valuable origin is Switzerland, and other countries also have watch brands, but they can not compete with Switzerland. In addition, the longer the brand lasts, the more reliable it is.

II. Machine Core and Material

Both the core and the material are the main factors affecting the price. Some manufacturers mainly produce mechanical watches, some mainly produce quartz watches, so when choosing manufacturers, it is better to determine the type of watches they need, so as to select the right watchmaker, the same material.

Three. Appearance

Watch manufacturers can design watches according to their own preferences. At this time, we can learn about their team of designers, as well as the previous cases of watches to pry into each other's aesthetic level and taste. The appearance of the watch is a matter of different opinions. Never comment on the beauty or ugliness of others casually. If you like it personally, you can ask the manufacturer to give some suggestions if you are facing consumers. What kind of watch is suitable for the promotion of the market.