How many types of movement of the watch

- Oct 18, 2017-

The common of movement should be the quartz movement or electronic movement, and a lot of table fans in the first child's life table are generally quartz watch or electronic watch. Because the quartz movement that white is "simple, anti-resistance, precision, cheap", here that "simple" mainly refers to the need to save the trouble every day.


Quartz movement which will often have a quartz oscillator, power will be in accordance with the established frequency after the vibration, so the time is very accurate, this is not any mechanical table can be compared. But the quartz watch also has a shortcoming can not be ignored, that is, the life of the quartz watch is usually only ten years, will not run down. Of course, it should be noted here is that the life of the watch and watch the maintenance of the specific situation has been closely related, so if the watch use and maintenance methods are correct, you can greatly extend the life of the watch

Mechanical movement be regarded as the most classic movement inside the watch, you can be called on the watch fans of the fans are basically fans of the mechanical movement. As the name suggests, unlike the quartz watch by the battery to provide power, mechanical watches are generally powered by the winding. Mechanical watch winding method generally have manual and automatic winding two, different from the manual winding, automatic winding movement will have an automatic Tuo, it will rotate with the arm movement, and then continue to winding the movement. Another point is different from the quartz watch is that the loss of mechanical watches is the main parts of wear and tear, if the maintenance is good, almost can always go on. However, the mechanical movement is relatively relatively "squeamish", especially to pay special attention to "waterproof, shock, anti-magnetic" problem.


Finally, talk about light kinetic energy, solar energy, human power and other movement, these movements are in fact the quartz movement of the "derivatives", they will use solar energy such as light irradiation or human movement to store power (because it is quartz Movement, so different from the automatic winding movement), these watches are generally very convenient to use, of course, this is the result of scientific and technological progress