How many treatments are there for watches when they are in water?

- Apr 02, 2019-

[method 1]

If the watch is soaked in water, it can be tightly wrapped with several layers of toilet paper or moisture-absorbent velvet cloth, and placed near a 40-watt light bulb about 15 centimeters, baked for about 30 minutes. The water vapor in the watch can be vaporized. Do not bake the watch directly near the fire, so as not to cause the watch to be warmed and deformed.

[method two]

Put the watch face inward and the bottom shell outward, and put it on the wrist backwards. The moisture can be eliminated in two hours. If the water intake is serious, send the watchshop to wipe the oil immediately to remove the moisture in the machine core so as to avoid rusting of the parts.

[method three]

Put the watches with granular silica gel into an airtight container together with the watches that have accumulated water. After several hours, take out the watches, and the accumulated water will disappear completely. This method is simple and economical, without any damage to the accuracy and life of the meter. Silica gel, which has absorbed water for many times, can be dried for several hours at 120 C. with renewable water absorption capacity and can be used repeatedly.